If you are really suffering and need relief fast, talk to me about whether or not you may benefit from an intensive therapy retreat. I offer intensive therapy retreats where we meet for 4-6 hours per day for however many days it takes to get you through the healing process.

During this process, I use the most efficient and effective forms of trauma healing including EMDR and Progressive Counting (PC) techniques. I am also trained in the intensive therapy model taught by Dr. Ricky Greenwald, a leading expert in EMDR, PC, and trauma intensive therapy.

For most clients healing occurs within days to a few weeks. This is vastly different than one hour per week therapy which can take many months or years to achieve true healing.

The Process

If you are interested in learning more about therapy retreats, contact me. Steps of the process include:

  • Completing a short, initial questionnaire over the phone
  • Engaging in a one-hour video consultation assessment which is used to assess whether you are a good candidate for this work. From this assessment, I will make recommendations that may or may not include doing a therapy retreat. After this step, I can give you an estimate for how long I think the retreat will take for you, if appropriate.
  • Scheduling the retreat
  • Doing the retreat!



Rate and Logistics

  • Half-day rate: $1800
  • Full-day rate: $2700
  • Full-day rate + covering the cost for a client who cannot afford services: $5400

I am not in-network with insurances and insurance companies are not yet covering trauma-intensive retreats (although many experts in the field are working on this!).

I am licensed to practice in Massachusetts. If you reside in another state, you will need to travel to MA during the scheduled retreat time to engage in the therapy. Some states may have exceptions to this – reach out if you’re interested and we can look into your state’s laws.


Photography by Colgan Johnson:

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