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7 Myths About Trauma

Whether you’ve experienced a recent sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, or witnessed something scary, you might learn to believe some common misconceptions about trauma. Research on how the brain and body interact with our environment is relatively new and many of our individual & societal beliefs haven’t quite caught up with what we have learned…

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33 Ways to Prevent Sexual Assault

A guide for potential victims Trigger warning: This post contains extreme sarcasm. My intent is not to make light of sexual assault but rather to call out the myriad of ways our society blames victims. 1. Dress conservatively. 2. Always be on the lookout wherever you go for potential perpetrators. Scan a room and make…

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Slow-cooker Shame Stew Recipe

Trigger warning: This post makes light of shame. My intent is to validate and normalize people’s experiences of shame rather than to make fun in any way of people who are experiencing it. If you feel you may be triggered by my sarcasm please skip this post. As we prepare for the cold winter months…

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