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Concierge Style Individual Therapy

$197/45 minute session

Unlike other psychotherapists I limit the amount of clients I work with so I am able to dedicate my expertise in the treatment of trauma to provide you the support you deserve to heal and live your best life. I provide highly individualized treatment plans with you and am able to give you the time, attention, and resources you deserve.

EMDR Roslindale MA Boston MA

EMDR Therapy

$350/ 90 minute EMDR session

EMDR is one of the most effective, premium, and efficient therapies we have to alleviate the symptoms of PTSD.

Click here for a video on how this therapy works.

Gender Nonconformity Counseling Roslindale MA Boston MA

EMDR Retreats

$200 per hour for retreat-style session of 3 hours or more

Retreat-style EMDR can be a great option for professionals with busy schedules who are looking for relief without the demands of a weekly scheduled appointment. I offer retreats from 3-8 hours with breaks for meals and rest. For some clients EMDR Retreats are not clinically appropriate. I require a 1-2 month assessment period to ensure this form of treatment is indicated for you. I will discuss with you the potential benefits and risks.