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I am Rachel Stanton, LICSW

I provide EMDR, PC, and Sensorimotor psychotherapy for people in Boston who have experienced sexual assault.

I am a warm, calming, sometimes funny, and always gentle therapist who is really passionate about helping you heal after a sexual assault.

Because of how the body holds traumatic memory I work a lot with thoughts, emotions, AND the body to help you get better. This can look like:

  • increasing your awareness of how your body can help you during triggering times
  • experimenting with the role of movement, body postures, words, proximity, or touch in your healing
  • playing around with ways to help you stay in the present moment through noticing sensations, words, or feelings
  • being curious about the different stories your thoughts, emotions, or body have to tell about your experiences in life

If You Feel Hurt, I Hear You, and You Are Not Alone

After traumatic things happen we can develop beliefs about ourselves that aren’t true, but you can’t help but feel that way; things like:

“there’s something wrong with me”
“I’m not good enough”
“I’m not safe”
“I’m broken”

It is also normal to have difficulty trusting others, being intimate, or feeling safe even when nothing bad is happening right now. Sometimes people even develop symptoms of PTSD like always feeling on edge, having nightmares, uncontrollable anxiety or panic, or feeling disconnected from themselves, the world, or others.

It is Possible to Heal

As your therapist, I will walk with you on your journey through healing and growth. You will not be alone. I will help you to feel strong, safe, and like yourself again.

I actively engage with you in the therapy process. Together we experiment, we get curious, we notice, we explore, and we play. And in this way we find what your body and mind needs to heal and move forward with life after a sexual assault.

You will not always feel the way you do right now. With the right therapist, the right therapy, and the right time it is possible to heal.

There are many benefits to trauma therapy

Therapy can help you after you’ve experienced sexual assault or other bad things. It can help you:

  • Have a sense of control over intense feelings
  • Make meaningful connections with others
  • Feel safe in your body and in your environment
  • Live fully present in this moment
  • Feel whole and valued as a person
  • Ability to focus on the future and work towards personal goals
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A Little About My Professional Background

I earned my Masters in Social Work from Boston College and have 10+ years of experience working in the trauma field. I am an adjunct professor at the University of New Hampshire in the nursing department teaching prospective psychiatric nurse practitioner students about trauma and dissociation. I provide consultations to therapists on trauma-informed care. I am trained in Progressive Counting, EMDR, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (Level 2). I stay active in the trauma & dissociation professional groups and am always learning new things!

Starting To Heal Only Takes One Step in Front of the Other

Going through trauma therapy can help you heal. Let’s explore how I can help. Reach out for a free 15-minute phone consultation session to see if we may be a good fit for one another.

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I will reach out to you in 1-2 business days.

I will send you an email to schedule a phone consultation.


A 15 minute phone consultation.

I can answer any questions you have about therapy and tell you a little bit more about how I practice. Then we can schedule you for an appointment.


Your first appointment - Getting to know you.

I generally consider the first couple of appointments to be a trial period for you and me to decide if we are a good fit for therapeutic work. Then we create a treatment plan that works. To get your free 15-minute phone consultation, email [email protected]. I'm here for you.

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