Healing from sexual assault

EMDR and trauma therapy services in Boston, MA for people who have experienced rape, sexual assault, and other forms of trauma.

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Do Any of The Following Resonate With You?

  • Feeling dirty, used, or broken
  • Being on edge or anxious even when nothing bad is happening
  • Difficulty with intimacy
  • Struggling with shame over what you’ve been through
  • A strong desire to make things better but not sure how

If so, Therapy Can Help.

Trauma Therapy

If you experienced a sexual assault and you can’t stop thinking about it or feel like a different person because of it, you may be a good candidate for EMDR, PC, or Sensorimotor Psychotherapy to help you shift from coping to healing.

After our work my clients typically feel freed from the burden of shame & anxiety - the difficult memories no longer hold the same charge as before. You can expect to feel lighter, more connected to yourself & others, and move forward with your life with a renewed sense of purpose and well-being.

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Hello, I'm Rachel Stanton

I am a trans-affirming and queer therapist who helps people in Boston who have experienced sexual assault, sexual abuse, and other forms of trauma.

If you are suffering after being hurt or violated, I want you to know healing is possible. I welcome working with you in your healing journey.

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