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It is a body-oriented talk therapy that uses specific mindfulness activities and experiments which engage the body and the mind to resolve symptoms of trauma. This form of psychotherapy was developed by Pat Ogden who believes in the ability of all of us to use or learn resources within our own bodies to allow our mind to heal after witnessing or being a part of scary events. Many other forms of therapy solely focus on the narrative (the “what happened” of the trauma) and reframing the way we view the event. In SP work we seek to explore not only the story the mind tells us about what happened but we also listen to the story the body wants to tell. It is truly beautiful work and I am honored to be a part of the transformative journey that SP facilitates for my clients.

Anyone who is curious or willing to get curious about the ways in which their body, thoughts, emotions, and senses influence their sense of self and can facilitate resolution from PTSD symptoms. Together we will explore the innate wisdom of your body & mind on healing itself through guided interventions and the supportive, compassionate relationship I develop with my clients. I work with adults and adolescents in my SP practice.

20 Belgrade Ave
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Phone: (857) 273-0787