Growing out of Suffering

helping you heal from shame, self-doubt, and life after trauma

Live your best life

Individual Therapy Services

Join me in my Back Bay or Roslindale office for relief from sadness, anxiety, and self-hate. You do not need to suffer alone. Together we can support your resilience and help you find acceptance and love for yourself. 

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You can feel better

Hi, I'm Rachel and I help people in the Boston area who...

You can feel better

  • Feel sad, numb, or broken
  • Feel out of touch with their own bodies and selves after trauma
  • Feel like they have to hide their true selves from family, friends, and co-workers out of shame and fear
  • Want to feel better
  • Want to work towards living a life that feels light, connected, and grounded

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20 Belgrade Ave
Suite 5
Boston, MA 02131

Back Bay
305 Newbury St
Suite 42
Boston, MA 02115

Phone: (857) 273-0787